The Flemish Government decisively opts for the quick service of a smaller provider

The Internal Administration Agency (IAA) is an agency of the Flemish government that is responsible for the policy of local government, cities, equal opportunities, integration and naturalization, Brussels and the surrounding Flemish Municipalities. 

For large players like this, permanent uptime is an obvious need. Every three years they search for a hosting partner to manage their websites with whom they can build a strong relationship of trust. 

In addition to safety and efficiency, flexibility is high on the priority list of the Flemish Government.

Step 1

The Flemish Government in pole position

Employees of a large government agency such as these must be able to call on complex web systems quickly and efficiently. Our speed guarantee and Drupal hosting expertise were the deciding factors for the Flemish government to work with Hosted Power.

Since then, Hosted Power has been on the list of reliable partners of the Flemish Government for over 7 years .

Step 2

Maintain speed

We not only strive for maximum uptime in setting up these structural applications, but also provided the necessary automatic scalability to handle peaks. Today we think together with the organization in real-time regarding their needs and we respond flexibly to concrete questions. This allows us to respond proactively to technical problems or changing situations.

When, for example, there was a sudden need for an optimized Java Tomcat server solution, this was implemented immediately and on a user-friendly basis.

Step 3

Continuous monitoring

Like Hosted Power, IAA attaches great importance to a good relationship of trust and accessibility. The system administrators are supported quickly and qualitatively, both via the ticketing system and directly by telephone or e-mail.

The in-depth monitoring also ensures that their Solr search engines continue to work optimally.

Most interventions on the infrastructure are completely behind the scenes, which ensure ultimate peace of mind. We can also count on Hosted Power handling special requests correctly, swiftly and upon customized request. What more can we wish for?

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