Capital Koala (FR) struggled with slow loading times during peak traffic times

Capital Koala links online purchases to your children or grandchildren's savings account and is a household app in France. Capital Koala has an average of 250 active visitors on their site at any given moment of the day, but during peak times they experienced a major loss since the loading time of some dropdowns took about 8 to 9 seconds, so they had many potential clients click away...

Step 1

Hosted Power brought Capital Koala back to pole position

Capital Koala worked with only one server: a huge risk in terms of reliability. If just something went wrong somewhere on that server, everything ceased to work. Hosted Power set up a new reliable and distributed infrastructure and transferred the entire website to 3 different data centers and 8 servers to exclude any risk of failure.

During the set-up, the website also turned out to be running on very outdated mysql and php versions. In close cooperation with our in-house developer, we provided the necessary updates. The smooth cooperation resulted in a total turnaround and completely new set-up within 6 weeks' time. Capital Koala was back in pole position!

Step 2

Maintain speed

Thanks to structural adjustments, we reduced the long loading time of many basic functions to less than a single second. Crucial search functions that belong to their core business are, once again, user-friendly!

The close mutual cooperation results in analyzing and optimizing new MySQL queries together, so that they can keep guaranteeing  minimum loading times.

Step 3

Proactive monitoring

The site of Capital Koala is constantly changing, so that new pages are regularly developed. Here Hosted Power always provides the necessary security, bug fixes and patches for all systems.

In addition, the in-depth monitoring ensures that there are no unexpected delays. Our analysis and follow-up also led to Open Source Software supplier Red Hat receiving new bug fixes. Optimization at its best!

In addition to a risky infrastructure, we also faced slow loading times for integral searches. This hampered our approach and we had potential customers clicking away. Hosted Power provided a structural solution within a month and a half.

Jean-Yves Bernard
Co-founder & CEO - Capital Koala

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