Payment Expert CCV trusts our powerful hosting and strong service

As an international player, CCV makes electronic payment easy. Online or physical payment? Thanks to CCV, every payment goes without any issues.

CCv is fully committed to digital transformation and this naturally also includes their own website. That is why CCV was looking for a hosting partner that meets their needs. That 's how they ultimately chose Hosted Power!

Step 1

Technical know-how for pole position

The processes of the international CCV are particularly complex. Working with a new hosting partner doesn’t happen overnight. We build a case, showed our technical strength and went through a full company-level screening. The fact that CCV chose us is an absolute honour. Together with their development team in The Netherlands and a German web developer we worked on a powerful international website.

Step 2

Hosting at warp speed

As a new hosting partner, we do everything we can to ensure the hosting of CCV. We got rid of a loading speed of 15 seconds and provided a stable environment. In addition CCV can also save costs by using our support for elastic search. This is inherently in our TurboStack and allows to optimal use of our technology.

Step 3

Proactive support

A proactive attitude and prompt support are an important criteria for CCV in a hosting partner. Fortunately, we set our support standards extremely high at Hosted Power! We monitor the website 24/7, make adjustments where necessary and are easily accessible if there are any questions. Always proactive and smooth!

A Freelancer recommended Hosted Power to us. We did a full screening of the company and we were surprised by both the technical strengths and the strong service. A combination that is indispensable for us!

Natasja Bekaert, Marketing Officer - CCV

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